Sunday, November 16, 2008

226:365 Making up for missed days...

Anna: Since I didn't post for the last three days, here's three photos (though I guess I should really post four, to include today's as well. *L*)

Quick question, though - is anyone else having troubles posting photos from their flickr account onto blogger? For the past while, the photos have been showing up in the blogger text window at full size, no matter what size I select on the blogger uploader. I have to manually re-size them to make them reasonable. It doesn't happen when I uploaded directly from our computer to blogger, though. Anyone having this happen?

Anyhow... today, I built a new lightbox. Our old version got a bit too unstable after a while (it was just doweling and hockey tape). This time, I used the instructions from here.

It's a lot smaller than the old one, and I was actually able to put it on a higher serfuce. Much easier on the back!! LOL

I decided to play using the macro lens and try out different settings. This is a trinket box that belongs to my elder daughter, with the lid slightly open at the back. I took it on shutter priority and a 3 second exposure. The box was a lot darker than I expected it to be - the sides are just white paper, but it blocks the light a lot more than I thought it would.

Another item from my daughter. This is a prayer box pendant, measuring about 1/4 inch square on the sides. I've got the lid slightly propped open with the clasp. I ended up using my camera's remote to take all of these.

This is a Bhuddist meditation crystal Philippe got for me many years ago. I figured it would just disappear on the white background I was using earlier, so I put in a cloth. I had to manually focus with this, though. Auto focus just couldn't find a place to settle.

All of these can be seen in larger sizes here.

We also headed out and got photos of the downtown Bright Lights display, which you can see here. The main display is in a park. When I get photos of those, I'll be adding them to the same set.

Philippe: Single subject, though three shots this time; playing with white balance.. Since I can't get the ##^$! script to work, the temps are 2500k, 4000k and auto-white balance.

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