Friday, November 21, 2008

230:365 More yum!

Anna: With all the running around today, stopping at the Italian grocery store was a real treat. I gave the girls a budget and told them they could buy whatever they wanted with it this time, too. Between the three of us, here are a few of the new things we picked up.

In the back on the left is a different type of squid ink pasta my elder daughter chose. The colorful pasta next to it is called gnoccini - that was a joint selection. The bottle is a type of extra virgin olive oil I hadn't tried yet, and the bowl of candies is something my younger daughter picked up, though it's one of my favorite candies. Cream Fudge (chocolate, in this case, though I actually prefer the non-chocolate version), hand made in Poland. It's hard to find, and a real luxury purchase.

In the front, starting at the left, is a glass of goat's milk. My elder daughter chose that and she likes it. Being lactose intolerant, this is a milk she can actually drink, I think. The tea in the POM glass is sweetened with the honey from the jar next to it - another choice from my elder daughter. She loves her tea, especially sweetened with honey. This honey, however, includes a piece of honeycomb. It has a very different flavour. Intense, yet somehow mild, and not as overwhelmingly sweet as other honeys. The Tres Stella cheese is a lovely, mild semi-soft cheese with a texture like mozarella. And finally, the black olive pate, which is a brand we haven't tried yet.

Here's a closer look at the honey. Very nice!

Since I didn't have time to cook supper, but had plenty of ham left over from yesterday, I'm currently enjoying one of the best ham and cheese sandwiches I've ever eaten.

Gosh, I love this little grocery store.

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