Tuesday, November 11, 2008

224:365 Lest We Forget

Anna: After the official ceremonies were done downtown, we headed over to the memorial in front of City Hall. The wreaths laid during the ceremonies were already cleared away, leaving only small, personal mementos like this one.

During our time in the area, we saw a steady stream of people going by. Most stopped for at least a few moments, looking at the monument. Others stayed for several minutes. Pretty much everyone took off their poppies and left them at the base.

More photos, including our first real snowfall this year, are here. The snow is already melting away, dampening the mementos and poppies.

Philippe: While we were taking pics, two kids came over and acquired poppies for themselves; they then proceeded to pick up the poppies that had fallen onto the ground and putting them back on to the monument.

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