Thursday, October 30, 2008

215:365 Amigurumi bear - for real this time.

Anna: Philippe took this photo for me.

I was wrong in my earlier post. Not only did I spell amigurumi wrong, but a pear doesn't count. Amigurumi are creatures - animals, insects, people, that sort of thing. No fruit.

I found a library book called Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts Amigurumi and made this following the instructions from the book. I knew it would be small, but from the photos, I thought it would be larger than this! The arms were a real pain to do - both to crochet, and to stuff. I ended up using a cotton swab to stuff the arms and legs. I mucked up on one of the eyes, too. The French Knot I was making for a pupil got tangled, and I couldn't undo it.

It's a real hit with the kids.

In other news, I had my bronchoscopy today. I was all looking forward to seeing it, since the screen was set up right in front of me. I had been told I'd be under partial anesthesia and might be awake during the proceedure, but I fell asleep rather quickly. The fast was the hardest part to deal with - it ended up being 16 hours, since I had to wait for the freezing of my throat to wear out so I wouldn't choke. I was pretty darn thirsty by the end of it. Right now, there's a bit of irritation in my lungs, but that's no different than when my cough starts into a bad spell, anyhow.

I don't see the specialist for a follow up until the 26th of November, so it'll be a while before I find out the results. By then, he should have the results of all the tests.

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The Travelers Journal said...

Love the little bear! Red was a great choice of color. Glad the test is done and you can drink again!