Wednesday, October 1, 2008

197:365 - Habits, old and new.

Philippe: First, the old habits.. I have to admit to a slight case of obsessive-compulsiveness on my part. These shoes are approximately eight years old and I still get a great satisfaction in shining them up.. I also have to stop myself from going "you know, I could do better" and trying.

Then the new ones; playing with light is something I'm trying to get a lot more into these days. :)

While both shots are essentially the same idea, the results are fairly different. I like the lower shot over the upper one for the simple fact that the lighting seems nicer. Both are soft focus (when seen at full size) but short of buying a *really* expensive lens (or learning to keep still, of course) I'm not sure how to get around that and still keep the soft light.

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Sharon said...

Cool shots :) I'm a little OCD about certain things, so I can relate.