Wednesday, October 22, 2008

209:365 Occupied

Anna: No post yesterday. I had the first of a number of tests related to my mystery cough. I had a CT scan done. Very cool! I love modern technology.

Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to take any pictures, and we ended up going home after, instead of exploring. The scan was actually done in a hospital outside of Edmonton, which I found a bit weird. No complaints, though. Especially with how quickly I got the test. I actually found out about the test monday morning, shortly before we left for park day. Someone called to verify my appointment. That was great, considering I didn't know I had one!

Today I had another test at a local hospital. A methocholine challenge. It actually went quite well, considering all the deep breathing involved. I was coughing a bit more by the end of it, but nothing like when I did the breathing tests in the booth. They had one of those and I almost had flashbacks when I saw it. ;-) The tech was really great and clearly loved his job. He was fantastic about explaining what everything was and what the numbers on the screen meant, and so on. It was really quite nice. Well... except for the fact that I had to breath weird into a machine, inhale stuff, then breath into the machine again, over and over again. *L*

The cool thing was that my lung volume is well within normal parameters. I have this vicious urge to rub the results in the face of the specialist I was referred to when I see him. He's the one that suggested the last two test results done in the booth that showed low lung capacity was because I'm fat, dismissing the fact that I was coughing so much by then, I was coughing *during* the test, and needed long breaks in between tests to get control of the coughing. I mentioned this to the tech that was testing me today. He was rather taken aback by that. He could see no reason why the specialist would come to that conclusion.

Ah, well.

Later this evening, as my elder daughter is about to go to bed, she discovered it was already occupied by a ball of cuteness.

For some reason, Harley really likes my elder daughter's bed. And her paints, but that's another story. ;-)

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Sharon said...

Sorry to hear all that! Hope it's resolved soon, a nagging cough like that is miserable. :)