Thursday, October 23, 2008

210:365 Upside down

Anna: Back home after a loooonnnnngggg day downtown - finally! As usual, things didn't turn out as originally planned. Because of expected events tomorrow, we moved library day up to today. The girls and I were going to bus it downtown, they'd go to the library, I'd keep going to my appointment, then meet up with them when I was done.

Then we found out a friend we haven't seen in years was going to be in town for a few hour's layover. Suddenly we needed the car. After much figuring of things out, we left really early to meet Philippe for lunch at a Boston Pizza near his office - timing it well *before* the regular lunch crowd shows up. Then I took the girls in the car to a central parkade. They went to the library. I bused to my appointment, which only took about 10 minutes since she didn't need to explain anything about sleep apnea to me. We already know more about it than most people. She only needed to explain how to work the machine I need to wear tonight. Philippe is threatening to post of photo of me with it for tomorrow. LOL

Then it was back to the library to meet the girls, who were already done and sitting in the coffee shop, waiting for me. They sure didn't need a long time! With our unexpected visit, Philippe left work early and we were all able to meet up with our friend at the bus station.

It's the first time we've ever had 5 passangers in our car. It might have 5 seatbelts, but there's no way it was made to fit 3 people more than 10 years old in the back! No, we didn't make our friend squish in there. LOL

We then went back to the same Boston Pizza we went to for lunch and fed him. Got a few double takes from the staff seeing us again so soon. We even got the same waiter.

After a great couple of hours catching up with our friend, we headed out - and that's when I finally noticed this car.

Yes, that's a classic Mustang hanging upside down from the restaurant ceiling.

I wonder how many times I've walked under that thing without noticing it? We don't go to this restaurant all that often, but often enough that you'd think I'd notice the CAR hanging from the CEILING. *L*

The handy thing is that I had the Canon S3 in my purse. I haven't been wanting to bring the Nikkon D70 along lately. It's just too big to carry around to all the different places I've been running around to. Sometimes, a little point-and-shoot is all I need.

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