Thursday, September 25, 2008

190:365 Not what you think...

Anna: I'm sitting at the computer when I notice what, at first glance, seems to be a moment of feline peace and affection. Nice to see the cats getting along, right?

And then I remembered.

Tiger is actually licking yogurt off Harley's face.

You see, Philippe was finishing off a container of yogurt for breakfast this morning. As far as we know, this was Harley's first exposure to yogurt, and she was *really* interesting in examining the source of what she was smelling. After fighting her off for a while, Philippe gave her the container. Now, this is a 650g container. So to get to the bottom, she had to stick her entire head and neck in. When she took it out, her face was covered in yogurt! She would'nt clean herself off, though, so Philippe wiped the yogurt off as best as he could before heading to work. She spent most of the day with crusty fur on her face.

Tiger is just finishing the clean up job.

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Sharon said...

What are friends for? LOL