Thursday, September 11, 2008

179:365 Downtown - Updated

Anna: It was library day for the girls and I. I brought along the Canon S3, instead of the Nikon D70, for its smaller size. I didn't want to be carrying a heavy camera, along with the heavy books! ;-)

Across from our downtown library branch is a square that's used for a great many events. City Hall is across the street from that, and the section of street in between is frequently closed down for events in the summer. Right now, the city is celebrating 100 years of public transit, and are currently setting up old buses, etc. as part of a weekend event.

This street car is still being set up in the middle of the closed down section of street. Quite the job, what with having to put a section of rail under it, too.

There's a number of planters around the square that are large columns of blossoms about 6 ft in height. I couldn't resist using the super-macro setting on the S3 and trying for these bright flowers with the gorgeous middles.

We've been in Edmonton for almost 3 years, so to us, the square has always looked the way it does. This is, however, a fairly recent transformation. It used to be all trees and grass, not concrete and steel. Locals understandably express regret at the loss of beautiful spot of greenery in the downtown core. The city did leave a section of it, though.

And here it is. In the three summers we've taken part in events at this square, I've come to understand why the city made the changes it did. As you can see, the grass is all gone, and it's prepped for re-sodding. This has been done every year we've been here, and from what I've been told, the city had to do this for pretty much the entire area every year. This section is quite a bit higher than the rest of the square. Even so, it doesn't take much rain for the grass to become mud - especially with the crowds of so many festivals. The lower areas must've gotten so much worse. Unfortunate, but there's not much that can be done about it.

Philippe: I leave the editorial to Anna; I bring you the ferocious Rawr-cat.. :D

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