Friday, September 5, 2008

173:365 - Happy Birthday to me - updated

So I hit a milestone this week; As a reward, I got one and a half pairs of slippers (the second slipper is being worked on) and a *really* cool coin.

Anna: I couldn't resist getting a photo of our elder daughter trimming the cat's claws, even though the light was horrid and I had to use the flash. Paint Shop Pro X2 does an decent job of fixing that. ;-)

I just find it really funny that the cat will simply lie there on her back, all relaxed like this, while her claws are trimmed. She looks like she's enjoying a day at the spa or something. Nice comfortable lap to lay on, a bit of a massage on the tootsies... life is good, as a cat. :-D


AphotoAday said...

I just don't think my Kitty would behave so nicely if I tried to cut her nails...   Great cat for enduring that...

LauraLiz said...

I like the stripe-on-stripe. We had a cat once that allowed himself to be wrapped in a blanket and carried around like a baby. My five year old (now 25) would put him in her doll's bed, cover him up, and he would lie there contentedly. Nice memory this morning. Thanks. (and Happy Birthday!).