Saturday, September 6, 2008

174:365 - Flight - updated: playing with macro

Philippe: First time out of the apt since thursday or so.. Figured I was due. caught him as he was launching off of a branch :D

Anna: I got to play with the macro lens today. :-D More uploaded here. I'm really happy with the most of the results.

Gosh, I love macro! :-D

For this photo, I was testing out one of Philippe's birthday presents on my camera to see if it would work on an older model. I can't remember the proper name for it, but it's a cable for the flash, so it can be held off to the side, or wherever is appropriate. For this photo, I had our elder daughter holding the flash for me, above my head.


Gawdess said...

love the shape of those wings!

Ruth said...

The macros are gorgeous! I went to the flickr set, wow. I need me a macro lens one day.