Monday, September 8, 2008

176:365 Meet Harley

Anna: Today, we welcomed Harley, born June 3rd, into our home.

Now, Tiger won't have to put up with a camera in her face alone. She'll have someone else to share the torment with. ;-)

We didn't expect to get a kitten today. We'd been talking about it, as Tiger seemed to be a touch lonely. Then, when I got the mail this afternoon, I spotted a notice that someone in our building was giving away a kitten. They needed a new home for her by Wednesday, as they're moving out. They didn't have her long enough to even name her! (She was a gift from family.) So we gave the number a call and went to take a look. The person didn't even ask us any questions, just handed her over. :-(

So far, Tiger's not too sure about our new addition. She's made a point of letting Harley know exactly where she stands in the household feline hierarchy, but not in any drastic way.

Harley, meanwhile, seems ready to accept us and our home. She has a thing for feet. She likes to attack our toes - with her cheeks. She's very enthusiastic about rubbing her cheeks on our toes. Why toes? I have no idea. *L*


Gawdess said...

she is adorable!!!!

LauraLiz said...

What an absolute cutie!!

The Travelers Journal said...

She is so cute! Congratulations on the new family member! I am looking forward to many more pictures.