Sunday, May 25, 2008

85:365 Downtown

Anna: The kids and I headed downtown to take in an event that turned out to not be running on Sunday. We still got a chance to get pictures, though. Our older daughter is really enjoying the new camera - her typical photo day would be just over 40 photos with the old camera, but for the last couple of days, she's been taking double that. :-D

Watch Your Step!

We all thought this piece of graffiti was very cool. I do wonder how they get onto the roofs of these places, though.

Eyes: Some graffiti can only be described as works of art. I love the detail on this guy! The eyes are really impressive.

Art: I walked right past this thing without noticing it. It was the girls that pointed it out to me. It's a piece called Hollow Point.

Uhm... ok.

Hockey Season: For the truly dedicated, hockey season never ends.

There's a square in the downtown core that is frequently booked for summertime events. Today, the square, 3 blocks of street around it, plus another block alongside the City Hall, which you can see in the background, were fenced off into hockey rinks. Two of the street sections had 3 rinks on them each.


Gawdess said...

It is funny that this graffito with such expressive eyes is right above a weight WATCHERS - I kind of have a soft spot for the pieces of metal welded together sculptures - they can be very dramatic and I like the angle of the side walk blocks and as to the sport?
It is the Good OL' Hockey Game!

BouBou's said...

*L* Yeah, I found the WW sign below it finny, too - watch those points! ;-D

I like the funky, abstract pieces, too - there's a lot of them around here, and some are much stranger! Many of them are very... confusing. *L* We've taking to spotting odd ones like this and just going "oh look... it's... art."

What else is there to say? *L*