Saturday, May 10, 2008

72:365 Freebies

Anna: Participants of the cancer society fundraiser all got a drawstring bag full of goodies as a thank you. There was a really nice button up shirt (which fits our elder daughter...) and an octagonal "brick." It turned out to be a vacuum packed t-shirt. I thought some pictures were taken of that before it got released from it's shape, but I guess they haven't been uploaded yet. I actually haven't seen it yet - I left for work before it was opened, and it was so wrinkled up, it went straight to the laundry. *L*

Then there were these things. The calculator has a screen cover that, at a push of the release button, slowly opens and flips to the back, to become a stand. The flashlight is not only a keychain, but a mini-screwdriver set. I didn't actually notice that until I started writing this post and wondered they there was an arrow at the end. If you pull and turn the black end cap, it uncovers two tiny double-ended screwdriver tips. The tips can be inserted into a holder in the light cover, where you see it sticks up a bit. Way cool!

The thing on the left, half folded, is a pen. Fully folded, it's a compact object that can be hung off a belt loop or something. When its unfolded, the nib pops out for writing. And the thing across the top is... uhm... I'm not sure what it's called. It's got a clasp for a belt loop, a key ring, and this funky flexible plastic bottle holder - the top of a water or pop bottle fits through the hole in the middle. They all have the logo for the government department Philippe is contracted to that was a sponsor for this event.

Freebies are always fun. :-D


Abraham Lincoln said...

It is nice to get a gift bag filled with useful things. And it looks like you got one of the better ones.

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my furry mother. She was special and we loved her like one of our own. She raised four babies here and they all thrived.

I try to always visit those who visit my blog and leave a comment. Thanks for your visit.

BouBou's said...

Thanks, Abraham!

I love visiting your blogs - both are on my daily visit list. :-D Your photos are always so excellent, and you write such great stories to go with them. :-D


Gawdess said...

lots of cool stuff!!! like the blue and green.