Wednesday, May 14, 2008

76:365 Tea Cupboard

Anna: We have a rather small kitchen, and it doesn't have a lot of cupboard space - a universal problem with kitchens, it seems. ;-) It wasn't much of an issue when we first moved, since I left so much behind, bringing just the essentials. So one cupboard for spices, baking supplies and teas worked out.

Since then, however, the girls and I have been trying out new types of tea. Before long, space became an issue. Every time I tried to find some spice or herb for cooking, I'd have boxes of tea falling all over the place. As our collection grew, I finally gave up. I took the stuff I had in the next cupboard over and moved them to a storage closet. I now have one cupboard completely dedicated to teas and mixes (you can't see them, but there are some cans of Gatorade powder hidden in the back corner), and another just for my baking supplies. If I want to use my blender or food processor, I'll just have to fetch them from the bedroom closet. *L*

Funny thing is, after all the teas were removed, my spice cupboard still looks crowded.

Anyone for a nice cup of tea? I recommend the Tetley Vanilla Rooibos or the Numi Chinese Breakfast. The African Red Black Tea, from Poland, is good, too - though I admit I got it because I found the name really funny.


Anonymous said...

Tea. I read your story with interest and smiled several times as we have had and continue to have issues with cupboard space. And closet space. And storage space. There seems to be a shortage of available space everywhere.

Thanks for your visit and for your comment on my blog.

Gawdess said...

nice colours in your tea cupboard,
I myself am partial to bengal spice, allowed to steep for quite a long time.

Anonymous said...

I like the look of your tea cupboard - lovely colours and interesting looking boxes. I've just found Tick Tock Green Rooibos tea - lovely stuff!

Ampersand said...

it looks so cute and organized. i like english breakfast tea ... boring?

Sharon said...

Mmm...Madagascar Vanilla sounds good! :)