Saturday, May 3, 2008

65:365 It helps to know the right people.

Anna: We're on the third floor, facing mostly north. We get some good sunsets out here, but our views of them are marred by power lines and buildings. Seeing what looked to be a beautiful sunset in the making, I headed to the 4th floor lounge, hoping to get a better line of sight.

Unfortunately, the north side of lounge has even less of a view. There's another apartment building completely blocking the sunset in one area, and the 4th floor townhouses blocking the rest.

So I thought I might be able to get some good river views on the other side. Still no luck. The reflections where nice, but nothing I really wanted to take.

As I headed back into the lounge area, I happened to run into one of the security guards. Philippe first got to know him when he first moved out here 6 months ahead of us and spent a fair amount of time in the lounge. We don't go to the lounge that often, but when we run into him, we always stop for a friendly chat. Seeing my camera, he asked about it, and I told him about my frustration, trying to get a good picture of the sunset. So J., being the sweetheart that he is, took me up to the 20th floor patio in the south tower - and area normally available only to those in the penthouse suits!

The view of the city from up here is amazing! He told me how he likes to come up there in the mornings and look down into the river valley parks below, where sometimes he'll even see deer coming up near road level, searching for new grass.

There' s even a good view of the stadium. When Philippe was out here ahead of us, he had a 13th floor bachelor's apartment below where I was standing to take this. He was able to watch concerts and games projected on the big screens from his balcony. J. was telling me about how great the fireworks look from this height, too.

Philippe: She took over her favorite leaning post and stretched out.


Gawdess said...

the kitty reaching out is very cute and the view pictures make it obvious why having friends in high places is a good thing!

LauraLiz said...

Those views really are incredible! I think the second shot is my favorite; such lovely colors over the city!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful city shots. The cat is cute too!