Wednesday, May 7, 2008

69:365 She missed me.

I am a night owl. It's not unusual for me to be up until 1 or 2am, simply because I know better than to try and go to sleep. My daughter's cat tends to keep me company when I'm up. If I'm on the computer, Tiger will often curl up on her pillow on the desk (it's a large desk, with both sides usable), or sit perched on the back of the chair. When I do finally go to bed, she'll often get comfortable on my hip before I finish lying down. Sometimes, she'll noof her way under the covers and cuddle up beside me. In the morning, I've got in the habit of feeling around with my feet before I get up, as she's usually curled up in a ball somewhere near them, and I've accidentally clocked her in the head more than a few times.

Last night, I had my first shift in almost 2 weeks at my new job as a banquet server. I don't start until 6pm and, depending on the event, I might be done by 11:30, or could easily stay until 1 or 3 am. In last night's shift, I was the only banquet server that was able to stay late - all the others had to leave to catch buses or because they had other jobs to start in the morning. The event ran late and I wasn't able to phone Philippe for a ride home until past 2am.

I'm told that, while I was gone, Tiger was seriously missing me. As everyone else was getting ready for bed, she was wandering around, meowing and searching. She didn't want anyone else's company, I'm told, but was restless and meowing. At 2 am, Philippe woke up, realized what time it was and, concerned that I hadn't called yet, got up. Tiger immediately came over, meowing her displeasure. She kept hovering around, being quite vocal about it. When I finally did get home, she stopped fussing and complaining. It wasn't long before she was draped across my shoulder while Philippe and I talked. When I climbed into bed, she curled up on my hip immediately. In the morning, she was again at my feet and stayed there until I got out of bed. When I took this picture, she was taking a nap on my pillow, and looking so very content.

Philippe: I'm raising funds for the Canadian Cancer Society; usually, people shave their heads. Me? well, people have seen me with a shaved head time and time again so it wouldn't have been a great draw. I've come up with another angle. All will be made clear with tomorrow's post :D


AphotoAday said...

Oh yeah, I know how these cats can be -- everything has to be exactly right, or they are not pleased...

Gawdess said...

she does look very happy in this shot.

Anonymous said...

Animals are beautiful people...

I made it this morning to look at your post and then I am off for a lung test.

I hope to be finished with all tests and back to normal by the 12th or soon thereafter.

Your photograph is really nice, as usual.