Tuesday, September 17, 2013

So Faaaaahbulous!

Have I mentioned that we're sucks when it comes to our elderly cat?

Yes, these are her new, fabulously pink toenails.

There is a reason behind this madness, however.

This is our 15-or-so year old cat, Tiger.  She hasn't been able to retract her claws very well for some time now, and they are huge and very sharp.  They are also brittle.  When we try to trim them, they crack and split, exposing the nerve.  So we have stopped trimming them.

While it's rough on the clothes, the real problem with this is that she has started going after the carpets again.  When we first moved here, she went after the carpeted stairs with a vengeance, completely ignoring her scratching tower.  We ended up having to cover our stairs with plastic runners to get her to stop.  And it worked.

Until now.

There are still a couple of inches of exposed carpet on either side of the runner, and she's suddenly started to go after them.  She has also discovered a slight bump in the carpet that formed under a heavy bookshelf and started to claw on that.

Yes, we do have scratching posts.  She doesn't use them.

So to save our carpets (and our clothes!), we got these little plastic claw covers.  They're glued on and are supposed to last 4-8 weeks.

She seems quite content with them.

We ended up putting some on our other cat, but just on his front paws.  Sparkly pink ones.  It was rather amusing, the first time he tried to climb up the couch with them!

These things are turning out to be worth the investment!

Update:  I didn't realize my husband had already posted a photo of our cat's new look.  For the record, the other cat did not manage to chew off the pink ones.  They're just not as visible.

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jo(e) said...

Wow. I've never heard of such a thing.