Monday, September 16, 2013

Fashion statement

So my daughter's cat is a little old... and by Old I mean deaf, mainly blind and unable to retract her claws anymore. but she still loves to destroy carpeting, especially on the stairs. We found these little gems at the local PetSmart and I have to say they're definitely worth the money. Results may vary however, as our younger cat who got the same treatment ate them right off within minutes :D. 

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Ben Arnold said...

I lost an11-YO male cat to cancer back in June and my two younger female cats seem to have become more cuddly since. In my experience, male cats are generally more cuddly than the females and their claws can be trimmed with a minimum of fuss; whereas the females hiss and growl and try to escape, although they never, ever try to hurt me. I only do their front claws because they get hung up in cloth and runs and such and don't understand when I try to help them get free; again, hissing and growling.

On my own blog, I've posted instructions on how to bathe a cat, apparently written by a dog, and another on how to give a cat a pill. Those who have a cat find them hilarious.