Friday, September 6, 2013

Cat in a box

So my daughter loves to cuddle her cat, while he prefers to hide in whatever cardboard box he can fit in. 

...problem solved :P 

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Ben Arnold said...

My cats are much the same way, as are, I imagine, all felines. Whenever I move something, they have to investigate it, again, as though it was something totally new.

Of course, they all have the tendency to find caves I which to survey their domains. Mine always know whee I am and often coe to join me in whatever I'm doing.

Speaking of boxes, you should check out 'Simon's Cat" on YouTube. There are a number of short cartoon videos by a fellow in the UK by the name of - here it comes - Simon and he's obviously familiar with cats' behaviors. The videos are quite amusing, especially for those of us with our own cats.