Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just another day in ... paradise?

Ah, the joys of weather!  Here is it, May 4, and we've got this.


This is our balcony.  With our brand new barbeque.  So new, in fact, that we haven't picked up a cover for it yet.

We won't be having BBQ for supper tonight, Dear.

(We had snow even later last year, but not quite this much!)


Normally from this spot, I can see the entire neighborhood below us, parts of the river, and the south side of the valley.


This is right along side our townhouse, where an old house used to be last year.


At least it's supposed to warm up in the next few days...


The Travelers Journal said...

I like the pictures, but I bet you could do without the snow!

Anna said...

It's not too bad - at least for us. The temps are easy to deal with. We haven't even turned on the furnace.

The bad part is on the highways with white-out conditions. I just heard about a guy and 2 kids that got killed by a train they never saw.