Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Still Alive

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Anna: Our first spring in our current home, a year ago, one of the things we discovered that we loved about our new home was the apple tree almost directly under our balcony.  Once it started blooming, we got to enjoy the wonderful scents that the breeze blew onto our balcony.  It was absolutely beautiful! As the apples started to form, I looked forward to seeing what kind they were.

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Unfortunately, that was not to be.  Looking down one day, I discovered the main branch of the tree lying on the ground.  How long it had been that way, I didn't know, but it could have been several days.  All I could say for sure was that it wasn't done that day.  My guess was that some of the kids in our complex may have tried to climb it to get at the apples.

I knew it might be possible to save the tree, if it was done quickly enough.  I mentioned it at the office of our co-op, but nothing came of it.  The most that was done was a few months later, when someone had pushed the fallen portion off to one side so that it was no longer lying on the garden bed that no one was using.

There was still a portion of the tree unharmed and I thought it, at least, would have a few blossoms this year.  Imagine my surprise when I looked down and saw this!

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Almost the entire fallen section is now blooming!  Only a couple of branches are without leaf or blossom and, if I remember correctly, they were already dead before the section had fallen.

A remarkably resilient tree!

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