Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A bit more

As I headed out today, I took some photos of the front of our home.


The poor Maple tree by our front door!  That and the Mountain Ash, though I think it's hardier.  I know none of the Maples' leaves around our home fully recovered after last year's May snowfall.  Looks like we'll have another year of brown-leaved Maples.


We've got a beautiful old Willow next to the highrise.  It handled last year rather well, too.  That lane under it is how the Handi Transit buses make it to our street.  It doesn't take much to make it quite difficult for them to get up that lane and around the corner.  If they're going to get stuck, that's the spot it happens.


This poor little bush in front of the high rise was just starting to bloom, too!  Just a few branches, though.  Last spring, it was a mass of flowers, and I'd been wondering why so few were showing this year.  I hope this means that, once things warm up again, the rest of the bush will still be blooming.

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The Travelers Journal said...

I love the hugh willow tree!