Sunday, May 24, 2009

No more snow!

Anna: After the last photo, it feels nice to post something more appropriate to the season! :-D

"wild" tulip

Directly under our balcony is a rather steep drop. The land belongs to the city, but at some point, someone planted some tulips, and they're finally starting to bloom. Getting the photos I took was a bit of a challenge, though. Did I mention this area is steep? My feet kept wanting to slide out from under me.

Wanting to explore

Our cats are indoor cats, though our older one used to be an outdoor cat. For the Harley-bug, she's not quite sure what this "outside" thing is. We let the cats onto the balcony every now and then, but keep them closely supervised so they don't make a run for it. That's my younger daughter you can see, keeping a close watch on her cat! :-)


My poor little herbs! With the colder weather we've been having, the planters have been inside more than they've been out! There were a couple of days when it was warm enough to take them outside, but on one of those days, I waited too long before taking them back in. I had been using WeatherEye to keep track of the dropping temperatures, but wherever the weather station is that our readings are from, it was warmer than where we are. For a while, I thought I'd lost almost all of my transplants, but they seem to have recovered, except for the basil. A couple of perked up, but that's it. I do have extras, though, so if they don't recover, I still have a few seedlings I can transplant.

Tonight is warm enough that I'll be leaving them outside again. Finally! I've also sown some lettuces and spinach today, though they should have been started at least a week ago.

I sure hope spring is finally here to stay. After all, it's less than a month before the first day of summer. :-/


Gawdess said...

lovely shots A!
like the on the ground and the looking up perspectives!

AmpersandPrime said...

great shot of Harley. :)