Monday, May 4, 2009

323:365 Park Day

Anna: Today was a beautiful day at the park. The pond is free of ice, and the birds were mostly calm, with many of the floating along and napping, or grooming. You can see the set for today here.


It isn't often the Goldeneyes will let me get as close as they did today. I was able to get quite a few candid shots like this.


I find it fascinating, how they throw their heads back like this to make a particular call. It's hard to describe the sound. Like a very soft, burring noise.


A pair of geese built their nest right along the path - a high traffic area. The first time I went past the nest, goose and gander were standing near it and the next was empty. The next time I walked by, the goose was busily turning and egg, settling herself down, packing the soft feathers around herself, getting up, adjusting the egg again, and doing it all over. The gander was watching me very closely while I stopped to take photos. I was using the 70-300 lens, so I didn't have to go so close that I'd disturb them.


While walking along the water's edge, on the look out for birds, turtles, muskrats or whatever else I might find, I came upon these empty eye sockets, staring back at me! The skull was quite tiny - about 3 inches long.

It looks like the Punisher skull.

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