Saturday, May 30, 2009

Flora and fauna

Anna: I've been taking photos, but haven't been too happy with the results until today. Aside from the ones below, I've got more posted on my flickr account.


There's an apple tree in full bloom under our balcony, at the foot of our fire escape. The loveliest scents get wafted up to our balcony with the breeze from this tree.


Not a very good photo - it was taken through 2 panes of glass. I didn't want to move one of them to take the shot, as the sound would've frightened them away.

This was taken out my younger daughter's bedroom window. Usually, she sees chickadees robins, and the odd magpie, but every now and then this pair of waxwings pay a visit. There's a maple outside my other daughter's window that hosts birds as well, much to the delight of our cats.

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