Saturday, February 21, 2009

277:365 Queen of the Hill

Anna: Ever since we first started filling storage bins and stacking them in our bedroom, the little Harley-Bug has been desperately trying to get to the top of the pile. It was too high for her to jump, so she kept trying to climb onto a shelf she's not allowed to be on, in an effort to get to the top. With the bins topped with smaller, odd shaped boxes, she hasn't been successful.

Her interest continued as ever growing stacks of boxes were added to the corner. Today, Philippe went and put her on the top. Then played with her. LOL He's such a suck. ;-)

I'm the one that added the stuffed bear. I guess that makes me a suck, too. LOL If you squeeze a paw, the bear emits a horrifying recording of a baby giggling. Well, I think it's horrifying. Philippe thinks it's hilarious. The kitten likes it, too. Either that, or she hates it. Either way, triggering the thing has her over in a flash. Then she starts sniffing and batting at it. Quite amusing.

The other cat is far too dignified for such shenanigans.


AphotoAday said...

It just continues to knock-me-out how similar looking Harley is to my black-and-white ball of fur, right here -- making a couch out of my lap and making typing for me just as difficult as she can...

Anna said...

LOL Does Kitty hunt your cursor, too? That's Harley's favourite method of making typing diffucult. ;-)