Monday, February 16, 2009

274:365 The new neighbourhood

Anna: Philippe might be posting some pictures he took yesterday, but for now, I'll post these. My younger daughter and I went for a walk through what will be our new neighbourhood in just a couple of weeks. You can see the photos in larger sizes here.

This is one of a number of historical buildings in the area. I like the style of architecture on this one.

Our balcony overlooks the valley, along with a high end neighbouring complex. There are a number of look out points, but the one near this complex has fancier light posts. *L*

There are sets of stairs leading into the valley all over the place. Some are boken up by landings, and it was over the rail on one of these that I got this photo. Directly beneath our balcony is trees, a street, and this area here, then more trees and finally, houses.

I think the views will be quite spectacular in the summer.

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