Saturday, January 31, 2009

265:365 Empty ... but clean, dangit!!

Anna: In preperation for the move, we're going through everything and doing our spring cleaning now - the less cleaning they have to do after we're gone, the more of our damage deposit we get back. ;-)

My job for today was the fridge. I hate doing the fridge. Not as much as I hate doing the oven, which I'll be doing later this week. *sigh*

It was a decent day to get it done, though. Everything went onto the balcony until the job was done. It was cold enough that the freezer stuff wouldn't thaw out, but warm enough that the fridge stuff wouldn't freeze. At least not before I was done. It was a bit touch and go for the eggs, I'll admit.

Next job: grocery shopping. LOL

Oh, and that basket in the back. (click on photo for full size) Yes, it's full of film cannisters. I think some of them go back to pre-children days. My oldest is turning 16 in a couple of months. Another of the reasons I love digital so much. I don't add to the collection of undeveloped film! I got so tired of paying for pictures and half of them hadn't turned out for one reason or another. I stopped taking pictures completely when we got a new point and shoot - the kind where you just drop the film in and it loads itself - and I'd get entire rolls of photos that focused anywhere but where I wanted it to. With the film already more expensive than the regular kind, I threw in the towel and waited until digitals came down in price.

I really ought to find someplace to get these developed. At least a few at a time. :-/