Tuesday, January 13, 2009

255:365 Transformation - Updated

Last night I put a pot of warm milk and starter into a warm oven.

This morning, we woke to thick, delicious home made yogurt. The photo is what it looked like just before I stirred it.

My younger daughter isn't keen on yogurt - she's waiting for the cheese and the bread. My elder daughter had some sweetened with a bit of honey for breakfast, and a bowl of some with frozen fruit thawing out for later.

I think I'll be sharing some of that with her. ;-)

Philippe: So I'm staying up Wayyyy to late these days.. On the up side, sometimes I remember to actually pick up the camera ;)

1 comment:

AphotoAday said...

When I first saw that photo I guessed you were making soap... (I'm old enough to remember people who actually did that)

And I bet your cats would love some yogurt... Mine does...

I use yogurt (plain non-fat) all the time in the place of mayonnaise or salad dressing... A touch of catchup and soysauce on the side and you've got a gourmet meal -- well, gourmet "in my book" at least...