Sunday, January 18, 2009

258:365 A scenic day

Anna: The girls and I took advantage of the beautifully warm day we had today and went for a walk in the river valley. Philippe wasn't able to go with us, but he was able to pick us up downtown several hours later (taking the valley, it's about a 2 1/2 - 3 mile walk) and we made a trip to WEM. It ended up being a highly productive photo day. I've uploaded quite a few photos to my flickr account, which you can visit here. You'll be able to see larger versions of the photos I'm including below, too.

I was able to get some pretty decent shots of this woodpecker using the macro lens. At 90mm, it did better than the other lens I had would me, an 18-55mm. I did crop the photo quite a bit, though.

When we got into the downtown area, we passed through a section lined with rose gardens. A surprising number still held their petals.

I've tried a number of times to get good photos of the fish in WEM's large aquariums, with little success. Today, they were surprisingly co-operative Especailly the 3 huge lionfish they've got.

This is the smaller of the puffer fish that shares the tank with the lionfish.

By the time I got home, I had over 200 photos to upload into the computer. I was pleasantly surprised to find most of them were good. Especially with the fish.


The Travelers Journal said...

I just love the puffer fish! What a wonderful blue.

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These are lovely, particularly the top shot.