Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Storm on the Horizon

Storm on the Horizon
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Anna: There's an exhibition going on right now, with nightly fireworks displays. We can see them from our balcony, albeit with a few power lines and posts blocking the view.

A couple of nights ago, I stepped outside to watch the fireworks to the north, only to be distracted by a flash behind me. That's when I discovered there was a far more dramatic fireworks display over our entire southern horizon. The lightning was quite frequent, so I grabbed the tripod and started shooting.

I managed to get a few decent shots (click on the image to be taken to my flickr account and see the others I've uploaded). While the ground strikes were dramatic enough, the truly impressive shots were ones like this, where lightning streaked from cloud to cloud.

I don't know how long the storm continued, but there was still a lot of lightning when I finally packed up and escaped the mosquitos.

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