Friday, July 31, 2009

Under the flight path...


Anna: We seem to be under the flight path of any airshow-type demonstrations! We got buzzed a few times during the Capitol Ex. Yesterday, I have no idea what was going on - practise sessions, perhaps? - when we suddenly heard the roar of plane engines. I got onto our balcony in time to see several Snowbirds disappearing over our roof. I grabbed my camera, but by then I only saw 3 planes turning in the distance.

Noticing my lens was covered with dust again (it's like a dust magnet!!), I sat on our patio swing and started brushing the dust. That's when I heard them coming. I looked up in time to snap 4 photos of the formation coming in over the valley, then disappearing over our roof.

As far as I can tell, most of these planes are Snowbirds escorting an F18, but there's one plane at the rear, right, that I can't identify.

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