Friday, July 10, 2009


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Anna: The Street Performer's Festival happens at a really bad time of year. This is when we get lots of thunderstorms and pouring rain. The last two or three days had high winds, pouring rain and even tornado warnings.

Which worked out, I guess. The girls have been fighting summer colds. My younger daughter was feeling well enough to head downtown for a quick stop at the library; yesterday was our regular library day. The festival is right across the street, so we checked things out.

This juggler of flaming batons was someone who's show we just caught the end of. Other photos we took are available for viewing here. For a friday afternoon, the crowds were pretty thick, so we couldn't get close to any of the performances.

Zoom is such a wonderful thing. I could see things better after uploading them to the computer than while we were there!

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