Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Taste of Edmonton, 2009

Taste of Edmonton, 2009
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Anna: More photos here.

The girls and I took in this year's Taste of Edmonton food festival. I'm so glad we timed it to miss the lunch rush!! As it was, when we caught a table in a bit of shade opening up, I had to leave the kids there to keep it while I went back to the booths to pick up new dishes. When we started packing up, someone else grabbed it right away. *L* It was a lot of fun, though the 28C heat made it a bit difficult to enjoy. There was a wide variety of dishes to try - I made notes of what we got at the above link - with prices ranging as high as 5 coupons. Coupons were $1 each unless purchased in advance. I got 2 sheets (30 tickets) in advance for the 10% discount. We still have some left, and my daughters suggested we keep them for tomorrow, when we're back in the area for library day.

We plan to be there earlier in the day, before the lunch rush and the predicted 27C temperatures!

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