Monday, July 7, 2014

The monster

‎I love my BlackBerry Z10. Love it to death. I'm realistic enough, however to realize that my use of it definitely increases the 'casual accident' chances. That's where the monster comes in. My OtterBox case features a full hard shell surrounded by a rubbery soft outer shell. It's bump proof, drop proof and incidental weather proof. It would be more than incidental weather proof but I modified it rather heavily, taking almost a full centimeter of plastic off of the lower section of the front plate. The Z10 uses swipe motions to control applications and the original faceplate dimensions interfered with this a fair bit. That means that I had to lose the screen protector and file down the lower section until it was more my speed :).

It's a monster, but it definitely gives me peace of mind.


Sent from my supremely cool BlackBerry  Z10 which totally doesn't look like an Iphone....

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