Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Wishing everyone a blessed Easter!

Our Easter brunch, made up of the contents of our basket.  We've got:

Bread - shaped by weaving 5 strips of dough, it made for easy tearing apart.
Ham and sausage
Pink pickled quail eggs
Olives - three types; salmon, blue cheese and garlic stuffed
Marzipan lamb and rose
Eggs - kraszanki, tea dyed and the ones we roasted in the oven, then dyed with shaving cream.
Salt - red wine and black ash
Butter - garlic and herb
Goat cheese medallions - the oil was drained and reserved to use in cooking.
Mustard with horseradish
Beet with horseradish
Rosemary infused olive oil
Fig infused vinegar

What a delicious way to start the day!  The preserved goat cheese medallions turned out fantastic, as was the bread dipped in the oil and fig vinegar.  The vinegar had a very nice sweet and tart flavour that really woke up the taste buds.  Just a tiny sprinkling of salt on an egg was all that was needed - the black salt in particular tasted much more "salty" than regular salt, which is an odd sort of thing!  Both the mustard and beet horseradish had a kick to it, so a little went a long way, and the brie was in the perfect stage of oozing softness.


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That all looks soooo good!