Sunday, September 19, 2010


We have a very large, wide desk.  Large enough that we can have the desktop computer in the usual place, and still be able to use the back of the other desk.  Philippe has his work laptop there, set up on a dock with a full size keyboard.

One of the cats has claimed it as her personal butt warmer.

So one day, Philippe is at the desktop playing World of Warcraft, when he suddenly sees a paw reaching up over the top of the monitor, batting at... something.

Then he sees this.


Then this.


After several attempts to get a photo without flash, he finally stood up and got this...

...just before she reached up and tried to attack the lens.

Because this is our muderous crack kitty who attacks ankles and hates to be petted, when she's not crawling under the covers to cuddle.

As I write this, her wide-eyed face has been popping up over the top of the monitor.  I think she's upset because the keyboard is on top of the laptop.  

Yes, she's sitting on the keyboard, anyway.

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Alice said...

hahaha! i love cats! so much fun and so much personality :)