Monday, August 3, 2009

So tiny!

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Anna: The family and I took advantage of the time left on the day pass for Elk Island National Park we got yesterday. We took in the Bison Loop again, then headed for Astiton Lake, which had some of the shorter trails. It was hot and extremely muggy, so we didn't do an all out hike, but we did check out a few spots.

We had just parked the van and headed towards the open water we could see with a boat launch. As we got closer, the girls spotted tiny frogs hopping all over the gravel, heading for the water. They caught this one, then released it near the plants along the water, so it wouldn't get stepped on.

The water here was very muddy and murky. Not only did we see more tiny frog swimming in it, but it was seething and rippling with leeches! It was fascinating, if somewhat creepy, to watch.

Later on, we could see a beach with people playing in the water. I'm sure the water was deeper and clearer there, but after seeing what we did, I don't think I could ever set foot in that lake! *L*

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