Monday, August 3, 2009


Anna: Today we got to visit with someone we haven't seen in many years, taking the opportunity to explore new areas. One of those was the town of Beaumont, located south of Edmonton.

St. Vital Catholic Church, Beaumont, AB

This is the reason we stopped. From the highway, we could see this striking building at the top of a hill. It's the historic St. Vital Catholic Church.

The Sower, Beaumont, AB

This statue is in front of the church (it has a grotto, too). I played around with the lighting and contrast of this photo, after using the clarify function on my PSP X2. I don't usually like to modify photos much, but it really made an otherwise flat looking photo pop, and the white of the statue stand out from the white of the clouds.


angelfeet said...

Gosh, those shots are breathtaking. I love the clouds.

Anna said...

Thank you. :-)