Monday, March 16, 2009

295:365 Playing with macro

Anna: I finally broke out the camera in earnest today, and gave the macro lens a bit of a work out.

In the past three years in our apartment, we've only got around to getting one plant. I didn't want to get more since I always had moving in mind. The only reason we've got this one is because we started an avocado pit again. I've done it before when we were living in Richmond. It was thriving quite well and had reached about 15 inches when we found ourselves moving back to Manitoba. I didn't think it would survive the trip, so I passed it on to friends.

When we moved just now, I'd only recently transfered the sprouted pit to a pot of dirt. It had only the tiniest buds at the top. It was in the last load out of the apartment, and I had to make a side trip, so it spent some time in the cold car. Not good for a tropical plant. After seeing the blackened leaf buds, I didn't think it would survive.

Yet survive it has, as you can see here. It's now kept in our bedroom, as it's the warmest room in the house and has a bright, south facing window. It's also where we have the humidifier going at night, so it's got a bit of tropical moisture going for it at well.

It seems to like it's new home.

Who knows - maybe some day, we'll have our own avocados. The first time I'd ever seen one, I was as child visiting some friends of my parents in the city. They had a huge avocado bush in their home, which he'd grown from a pit just like we're doing here. It had even fruited. He'd cut one up for us to try but, seeing the bright green flesh, I refused to taste it. Today, I love avocados.

I was setting up to take some different photos, but couldn't resist taking extras of Tiger. The giant heart pillow I got for Philippe for Valentine's Day has become a favourite napping spot for her.

She has such an adorable face.

I don't think she was too happy with me taking her picture, though. *L*

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Ash said...

Fab pictures, and a gorgeous cat too