Sunday, December 21, 2008

246:365 NOM-NOM-NOM

Anna: This weekend we made our Christmas tourtierre - a dozen of them. We cooked 12 pounds of meats for the filling last night, then did the pastry and assembled them today. It's a big job made easy, with lots of help from the girls. Even a friend of my daughter's helped out with the filling, yesterday.

Of course, once the first batch was cool enough, we had to try them out! It's the first time we've made them using boar meat in the blend.

They are a rousing success.


The Travelers Journal said...

Wow, they always look so good! How were they with the boar meat compaired to what you usually use? I was just wondering about the taste of the meat. I sure wish I lived next door :)

Anna said...

Thanks. They turned out really well. There isn't a lot of the boar, but there's enough to taste the difference. I like it enough that I'd like to try it on its own one of these days. :-D

It would be fun if you lived next door!