Thursday, November 26, 2015

Hardware vs Software

Sometimes we lose sight that hardware and software, while cooperative, are no necessarily interdependent. Case in point, my BlackBerry Passport. When the Passport first came out, it boasted a high-end camera and a wonderful set of specs. Unfortunately the software that came with the initial offering was atrocious. It couldn't take  proper pictures to Save it's life. Now unfortunately, while it did try to improve the software, the current offering still remains a little better than marginal; it's improved a fair bit but it's still not perfect. Secondary software however has managed to make the most of the current hardware,allowing for some truly wonderful pictures in less than ideal conditions 

Case in point, this was taken over my head, single take, no processing, no special settings.

Sent by my fantabulous BlackBerry Passport 

qui prius respondit quam audiat stultum se esse demonstrat et confusione dignum

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