Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Mystery

This morning, I found this on our van.

It wasn't there yesterday - at least not when I parked my van, after getting it washed, in the late afternoon.

The scrape is a fair bit deeper on the bumper, but this is the part that perplexes me...

Yes, the scrape continues right at the top, too.  This confuses me, because the corner of the van is not a straight line.  Where it's scraped here is part of an inward curve.  That means whatever hit us had to have somehow... tilted?  Bent? Had sides that curved outwards at the top? 

So whatever hit our van had to have been at least as tall as the van itself, and white.  It also had to have happened either yesterday evening, or last night.

Most likely scenario; a box truck tried to turn around in our neighbour's parking spot.  We are the very first parking spot, and both our spot and our neighbour's are awkward to get into because of how we are oriented with the building.  Plus, we have a longer vehicle and stick out a fair bit, unable to go farther forward because of unusually high curbs. 

Will have to pay a visit to our office and see what the security cameras picked up.


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