Saturday, June 15, 2013

Look Who's Back

A couple of years back, I wrote about some strays that showed up on our balcony - the parents of our own Finnegan.  We had adopted out Finn's mother, Freya.

Today, she just showed up on our balcony again.

Philippe brought out a soup bowl full to the top of cat food for her.  She promptly ate half of it, in between rubbing all over our legs, and anything else she came near on our balcony.  While not at thin as when we first found her, she was clearly very hungry.

We can't let her into the house.  Finn is all over the window, looking at her.  He isn't fixed yet (we even had a breeding request, though that fell through), so there's no way we can allow them together.  It's possible the family that adopted her got her fixed, but we can't tell.  I would guess there's some sort of scarring to look for, but she isn't allowing us to hang on to her long enough to check.  She seems quite excited to be back on our balcony!

The carrier we turned into a shelter for her and Finn is still around, so we've made a bed for her under our patio table, and left food out for her.

We have no idea what happened.  Did the family that took her let her go?  Did she run away?

How interesting that, whatever the reason is that she's away from the family that adopted her, she came back to us!

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