Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian viewers!

While a lot of people have had their big dinners on Sunday, we're waiting until Monday.  We're not going to be doing a turkey or ham this year - the girls asked for bacon wrapped chicken thighs.  I tend to buy bulk at Costco, so I got a 4 pack, leaving us with plenty of extra bacon for other things.

I used 1 1/2 of those for our Sunday supper and made my own version of the Bacon Explosion, using what I had available.  I had some ground beef, which I mixed up with seasonings the way I would normally do for a meatloaf, rather then the sausage they used.  I didn't have the seasoning mix they put on the woven mat of bacon at all.  I also used a mix of shredded marble cheese and dry feta where the Bacon Explosion uses cooked bacon pieces.

 That made for a rather large roll!  After wrapping it in aluminum foil, I baked it for about 2 hours, opening the foil for the last half hour or so to brown the bacon. 

When it was done, my daughter helped me take it out of the foil and transfer it to a dry pan, upside down.  Since the underside had been sitting in rendered fat and was looking pretty pale, we popped it back into the oven under the broiler for more browning.

It was incredibly delicious!  Surprisingly quick and easy to make, too.  I think this is something we'll be adding to our list of recipes for special dinners!

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