Saturday, August 25, 2012



This is a pretty old photo of my daughter, taken by her friend with his cell phone.  They had gone out for a walk during one of the many rain storms we've had this year.  As they passed a bush along the sidewalk, they noticed movement.  Checking it out, they discovered a nearly downed mouse!  My daughter held it in her hands to warm it up.  For the longest time, it just lay there, panting.  Eventually, she felt some movement and took a look.  She found it struggling to get to its feet and looking around.  Then it started to lick her palm!  After a while, it started to move around in her hands, but made no attempt to escape.  When it looked well recovered, she kept her hands open a little more at a time so that it wouldn't be too shocked by the cold when it was released.  It was about 20 minutes or so before she let it go in a drier area.  They figure it's den was somewhere under the bush, and the rain and flooded it.

My daughter makes me proud!

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