Friday, February 17, 2012

Can't resist ... too much cute!

Okay, I have to admit, we are suckers when it comes to cats.

First off, we have decided to keep the kitten the stray mama brought to our balcony.  We have also been able to find a new home for mama.  Our older cat has been sleeping a lot since then - I think she was completely exhausted by those two!

The kitten, which we've named Finnegan, has calmed down a lot now that mama is gone, though he does still try to find boob on our other cat, which is rather hilarious.

One of the things we've done that testifies as to what marshmallows we are when it comes to the kitties is set up a cat bed.  On the desk.  In a drawer.  You see, our older cat likes company in the mornings, when hubby is on the computer before heading to work in the mornings.  Or when anyone else is at the computer, for that matter.  We have a cushion that's padded on one side, rather stiff on the other, and it first just right across the top drawer.  The stadium cushion I'd made some time ago was quickly discovered by the cats and thoroughly loved, so it got put on top.  When both mama and kitten were around, our cat would use this space to escape from them, except they'd sometimes both join her up there, too.  Was never able to get a good picture of all three of them crowded onto there.

Finnegan, however, loves this spot too.  Today, my husband was working from home and Finn decided to go for a nap on the drawer bed while he worked.  He couldn't resist reaching for the macro lens and getting this photo.

Can't resist...

As I write this, Finn's still on the drawer beside me, and it's all I can do not to break out the tripod and take more photos.  Setting up would wake him, though, and I'd miss the shots I want, but my goodness I'm tempted!  Especially when he grabs his own face with both paws.

Just too cute for words!!

Yeah, I'm a suck. LOL!


carmen said...

"has calmed down a lot now that mama is gone"?????? so, where's the mama cat????? adopted???

Anna said...

Well, I can't say he's calmed down all that much - he's very much a crazy kitten! His favourite thing is to dig into my husband's boots, drag out the insole, then run through the house with it. o_O

Mama did get adopted out to a young couple with a daughter. :-D