Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Getting along


Yes, we still have the stray and her kitten living with us.  We've gotten the okay to hang on to them a bit longer, rather then send them to the pound when we couldn't find anyone to take them.

This is my older daughter's cat with a kitten that's growing so fast right now, you can almost see it! 

Tiger is getting on in years for a tabby, and having two new and active cats in the house is a bit much for her.  My suck of a husband ;-) created a haven for her.  By opening a desk drawer and putting a couple of seat cushions on it (including the stadium seat cushion I made to experiment with a new yarn), he made a nice little bed for her to hang out that was above the fray.  She often curls up there to sleep while we're on the computer.

Finnegan, the kitten, took a long time to warm up to Tiger.  Tiger's other favourite place to nap is on the top level of the cat tower, so we just tossed him on there with her a few times.  Tiger, being the sort of cat she is, promptly held him down with one paw and started grooming him.  He didn't appreciate that at first and ran off.

Over time, however, things have changed.  Though Finn and his mother are still a lot more energetic than she has patience for, they both turn to her for cuddles. 

Finn is old enough to be weaned, but he does still nurse when his mother will let him.  A short while ago, he was such an adorable bundle of napping fluff, I picked him up to snuggle while sitting at the computer.  He noticed Tiger on the drawer beside me, however, promptly hopped over and started looking for boob.  Yes, he tries to nurse on her now, too.  When he found no sign of a working teat, he settled for cuddles and Tiger, as she is wont to do, started grooming him.

As I write this, they are looking even cuter, with Tiger curled up around Finnegan, her chin resting on him, their legs entangled.  I'd take another picture, but the camera disturbs them.

The cuteness is overwhelming.

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