Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More to the story

No picture with this post, and this is going to have to be a quick one.  I am tethered to my phone for wireless, and that drains the battery like crazy.

I headed to the garage to be there when they opened.  Told them what  happened and they took me in right away.  Got to talk to the same woman who helped me last night.  I hope they are paying her well!!!

It's now past one and I've been here for 4 hours-ish.  The word so far.

The brake light thing is apparently because we actually need new brakes... at an estimated cost of $1600 or so.  After being burned by garages before, I find myself cynical and utterly not surprised.

The headlight thing... the bulb was changed, which apparently should have been done last night.  It's working now,I am told.  Except bulb wasn't burned out in the first place, so I will be checking on that later.

The grinding noise is being checked right now.  They took the tires off for the inspection and I guess that's what they are doing again to find out what happened.  Considering it started after they did their work, the cynical side of me is expecting them to tell me about some new, expensive fix that will be needed, but the hopeful part in me is thinking they will find something had been left loose and they are sheepishly fixing it as I write.  The cynical part of me is winning right now.

As for the hazard lights, I didn't get a definite answer but it looks like it's connected to the multi-function switch they changed up last night.

We shall see what the final verdict is...when?  Dunno.

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